Questions on Electric Dipole

Very Short Answer Type Questions:

1. If an electric dipole is placed in a UEF, then state whether it always experience a torque or not?

Answer: No. It does not experience a torque, when it is placed along the direction of electric field. 

2. What is the angle between the directions of electric field at any (i) axial point and (ii) equatorial point due to an electric dipole?

Ans.: Axial point: field is along the axis; Equatorial point: Field is perpendicular to equatorial line. So angle between (i) and (ii) is 1800.

3.  Which orientation of an electric dipole in a UEF would correspond to stable equilibrium?

Ans.: The dipole is in stable equilibrium, when electric dipole is in the direction of electric field.

4. A dipole of dipole moment P is present in a UEF E. Write the value of the angle b/w p and E for which the torque, experienced by the dipole is minimum.

Ans.: torque is minimum when angle b/w p and E is zero.

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